Finance management
  •  To provide our own Account Receivable software on-site that enables any owner/resident to check their individual accounts at any time during office hours
  • Prepare and despatch monthly statement of charges in the letterheads of our Principal and or send reminder to delinquent accounts that were overdue and unpaid 
  • Prepare Daily Collection Reports that shall tally with the daily collections deposited for the Treasurer to verify
  • To liaise with appointed Accounts and Auditors
Facilities Manager
  • To act for and on behalf of our Principals ( Pertubuhan, Joint Management Body (JMB) or Management Corporations (MC) as their Administrator Contractor or Maintenance Manager and Office Administrator 
  • To manage and maintain an effective management office to provide an efficient and prompt service to owners/residents
  • Maintain and upkeep a Strata Titles Roll for the MC or a master’s Owners List for the JMB or Pertubuhan whichever the case may be applicable 
  • To carry out and implement all decision of JMB or MC or Pertubuhan and ensure they follow the provision of the Strata Management Act 2013 (Act 757)
  • To prepare, despatch and or display on notice boards notices of importance to all owners and residents
  • To regulate and administer control of motorcycle and car parking
  • To prepare agenda of meetings, despatch notice of meetings, convene meetings and record minutes thereof
  • To liaise with government and non-government authorities
  • To oversee all contracted services such as generel cleanings, securities, pest control, lifts, pools & landscape maintenance, etc, to ensure their services met our minimum standards comfortable living
policy implementor
  • To implement and enforce policies made by Pertubuhan, Joint Management Body (JMB), and/0r Management Corporation Councils (MC Councils)

OUR job scope

KPI's are measured based on the following:
  • Basic accounting and daily/monthly collection and expenses report will be carried out by Aspiras (Accounting & Auditing Services to be carried out by an outsourced licensed accounting firm
  • Filing, maintenance of office records and despatch of monthly statement promptly (including all other daily basic duties)
  • Reminders, updates & notices to residents will be our continuous tool of communication
  •  Security Services / Security Alarm System / CCTV System
  • Cleaning System
  • Landscape Services
  • Pest Control – insecticide / fogging
  • Barrier & Scanner / Scan Card System & Update 
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Maintenance of Service Elevators
  • Gym / Sauna / Badminton Court maintenance and management 
  • Preventive maintenance will be carried out as per schedule on electrical and mechanical equipment’s to avoid sudden breakdowns
  • A House Rules is created for resident as a guidance to ensure safety and security in place 
  • All major repairs and replacement of parts are to be borne by the client. Office expenses, stationeries, TNB, SAJ bills are to be borne by client